Plummer Creek Watershed Project

The final installment of the Plummer Creek Watershed 319 Implementation project will continue through March 2023, though Cost-Share funding is currently wait-listed. Individuals interested in conservation practices that prevent erosion, reduce fertilizer inputs, slow run-off, or increase riparian zones should contact the Greene County SWCD or the Watershed Coordinator to inquire about funding availability and eligibility. Livestock owners may also qualify for financial assistance with interior/exclusion fencing, heavy use area protection, and grazing management. The PCWP Watershed Coordinator is contracted to manage the 319 program by promoting conservation practices throughout the watershed in an effort to improve water quality and educate landowners about best management practices. Plummer Creek is located primarily in eastern Greene County, with some acreage spreading into Monroe and Owen counties.

An interactive watershed map can be viewed HERE

Additionally, stakeholders and others interested in offering guidance for this project are invited to join the Plummer Creek Advisory Committee. Due to COVID-19, meetings have been less frequent or offered via Zoom as necessary. Please contact the Greene County SWCD or the Watershed Coordinator to find out more.

2019-2022 PCWP Cost Share brochure

PCWP  Cost Share Guidelines

Plummer Creek Cost-Share Application

Background of the Plummer Creek Watershed Project

Based on studies conducted by IDEM in 2008, impairments for E.coli were noted in streams throughout the Richland-Plummer Creek watershed

As a result of this study, the Greene County SWCD, along with neighboring county SWCDs and partner organizations, launched the Plummer Creek Watershed Project. From 2009-2015, the group formed an Advisory Committee as well as a group of youth volunteers to collect additional data through water monitoring, stakeholder surveys, and locally reported concerns. They also educated the public by offering field days, conducting trash clean-ups, building a rain garden, and spearheading the creation of a viewing platform and native grassland planting at the historic Tulip Trestle. All of this information helped the Advisory Committee establish goals for improving water quality throughout the watershed, as well as defining ‘critical’ areas most in need of conservation practices to reduce pollutant loads. A Watershed Management Plan was compiled at the conclusion of this ‘Planning’ phase of the Plummer Creek Watershed Project and can be viewed HERE

Once the Plummer Creek WMP was approved by IDEM and EPA, the Greene County SWCD applied for a 319 Implementation grant in order to obtain funding for conservation practices to be installed in critical areas. The first installment of PCWP Implementation (2016-2019) was valued at $476,150.27 ($279,979 grant funding + $196,171.27 match/in-kind contributions) with $152,267.71 devoted to cost-share conservation practices. These efforts resulted in the following pollutant load reductions: Sediment = 2,011.1 tons/year, Nitrogen = 27,256.57 lbs/year, and Phosphorus = 4,590.69 lbs/year.

A305-6-226 Plummer Creek Implementation I Final Report (2016-2019)

The second (and final) installment of PCWP 319 Implementation started in the spring of 2019 and has been extended until 2023 due to additional funding being awarded. This 319 grant has a total value of $802,916.67 ($481,750 grant funding + $321,166.67 match/in-kind) with $291,250 obligated for cost-share funding.

To learn more about the Plummer Creek Watershed Project:

Greene County SWCD 
104 County Rd. 70 East, Suite B Bloomfield, IN 47424
(812) 384 4634 x 3

319 Watershed Coordinator
(812) 564-1162 cell