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The Watershed Coordinator works primarily at home and in the field as an independent contractor providing services for Clay Co. SWCD, Greene Co. SWCD, Owen Co. SWCD, and Sullivan Co. SWCD. Please email or call (812) 564-1162 to set up an appointment.

The WCIWA is currently facilitating the following projects:

Black Creek Watershed- 319 Implementation Planning & Implementation (January 2023- January 2027)

The Black Creek 319 grant has officially commenced! More information will be widely released once the Greene County SWCD (the Grant Administrator) has finalized contract particulars. A public stakeholder meeting was held on Thursday, March 23rd at 6:00 pm at the Linton Public Library to solicit input and begin the process of forming the Black Creek Advisory Committee. The first Advisory Committee meeting date and location is TBD and will be announced soon. 

Lower Eel River Watershed- 319 Implementation III (January 2022- January 2025)

The third (and largest) funding installment for this watershed project has commenced and Cost-Share is now WAIT-LISTED! For more information, contact the Clay County SWCD. The next LERW Steering Committee meeting will be Tuesday, July 11th @ 1:00 pm at the Clay Co. SWCD office in Brazil. 

Fish Creek Watershed- 319 Planning (January 2023- January 2025)

The Fish Creek 319 grant has launched! A public stakeholder meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 19th at McCormick’s Creek Canyon Inn at 6:00 pm EDT to solicit public input and begin the process of forming the Fish Creek Advisory Committee. For more information, contact the Watershed Coordinator or the Owen County SWCD. 

Maria-No Business Creek 319 Planning & Implementation (December 2020-December 2024)

The MNBC 319 project is currently working to compile a comprehensive Watershed Management Plan. Once approved, cost-share funding will become available for eligible land users in critical areas (~ Summer 2023).

If you are interested in joining the MNBC Advisory Committee or would like to be contacted in the future regarding cost-share funding and/or events and news, please contact the Sullivan County SWCD or the Watershed Coordinator for more information.

The next MNBC Advisory Committee meeting is TBD. 

TTK Watershed 319 Implementation III (May 2020-February 2024) 

Additional Cost-Share funding for the “TTK” (Turtle Creek, Turman Creek, Kelley Bayou) 319 grant was recently awarded, however this funding is currently WAIT-LISTED. Please contact the Sullivan County SWCD or the Watershed Coordinator for more information or if you’d like to join the email list to be notified of upcoming meetings and events.

Plummer Creek 319 Implementation II (March 2020- March 2023) – CLOSED 

The PCWP 319 grant has concluded and a final report will be forthcoming. Many thanks to the partners and producers who helped make this project a success! 


Future Activity

Stay tuned for more information on the following upcoming 319 watershed projects!   

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