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The WCIWA is currently facilitating the Plummer Creek Watershed Project and the Lower Eel River 319 Implementation grant. The Watershed Coordinator can generally be contacted at the Greene County SWCD office or by email ( or cell phone (812) 564-1162

The "TTK" 319 Grant for the Turtle Creek, Turman Creek, and Kelley Bayou watersheds will be on hiatus from April 2019 until Spring 2020 when an additional 319 grant will commence. Stay tuned for more information or stop by the Sullivan SWCD office to get on the Wait List for future cost-share.

The Plummer Creek 319 Implementation grant in Greene, Monroe, and Owen counties brings $140,000 to the Plummer Creek and Richland Creek watershed areas for the installation of conservation practices in critical areas. At this time, an additional $200,000 of cost-share funding has been awarded and is NOW AVAILABLE. Please contact the Greene County SWCD or the Plummer Creek Watershed Coordinator for more information on eligibility for cost-share funding.

The next PCWP Advisory Committee meeting will kick-off the new Plummer Creek Implementation grant. It will be held on Tuesday, April 30th at 6 pm in the Greene Co. SWCD office. Cost-Share Guidelines will be reviewed as well as some water quality/soil health demonstrations.

Information regarding the Lower Eel 319 Implementation grant can be found on the Clay Co. SWCD website The Lower Eel watershed spans through southern Clay County, western Owen County, and into a portion of northwestern Greene County.