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The WCIWA is currently facilitating both the "TTK" 319 Grant for the Turtle Creek, Turman Creek, and Kelley Bayou watersheds and the Plummer Creek Watershed Project. . The Watershed Coordinator can be contacted at the Greene County SWCD office Mondays and Tuesdays and in the Sullivan County SWCD office on Thursdays and Fridays.

The next TTK Advisory Committee meeting: TBA

The TTK grant in Sullivan and Vigo counties began in August 2013 and will continue through April 2019. Interested individuals are welcome to join the TTK Advisory Committee or email list. Please contact us to learn more! At this stage, the cost-share program is underway! Please make an appointment to check your eligibility, discuss your project, and get financial assistance to put conservation on the ground. Critical areas for cost-share include the Turman Creek watershed.

The Plummer Creek 319 Implementation grant in Greene, Monroe, and Owen counties brings $140,000 to the Plummer Creek and Richland Creek watershed areas for the installation of conservation practices in critical areas. At this time, all cost-share funding has been allocated, though additional funding is being sought. Please contact the Greene County SWCD or the Plummer Creek Watershed Coordinator for more information or to join the WAIT LIST for cost-share funding.

The next PCWP Advisory Committee meeting: TBA.

The Sullivan SWCD and WCIWA recently acquired an additional $30,000 in DNR Lake and River Enhancement funding for the Turtle Creek Watershed, available from 2017-2020! Stop by the office to see if you qualify for certain conservation BMPs.