Watershed Management Plan and TMDL

Activities on land have the potential to affect the water quality of a community. Rain, melting snow, and wind can carry pollutants from higher elevations into the water. If activities on the land are properly managed, the run-off that drains to nearby bodies of water will be cleaner, thus protecting and improving the water resources of the state.

Watershed management is the process of addressing water related issues upon all land that drains to a common body of water. Since water doesn’t recognize political boundaries, this requires working across county, township, and other jurisdictional borders. Watershed management brings federal, state, local agencies, interested organizations, and citizens together for the good of our lakes and streams. People living within the watershed have the opportunity to work together for solutions to water quality problems.

The Busseron Creek Watershed Management Plan attempts to design a course of action to work cooperatively toward an environmentally and economically healthy watershed that benefits all stakeholders. The plan identifies pollutants and their sources, selects, prioritizes, and maps the significant non-point source pollutants, and identifies Best Management Practices (BMPs) to hellp reduce these pollutants.

The full Busseron Creek Watershed Management Plan can be viewed in its entirety by following the link below. Comments and questions are always welcome.


Additionally, the IDEM TMDL study for the Busseron Creek watershed can be viewed here: