TTK Cost-Share Program Guidelines

The cost-share program for the TTK 319 grant is currently underway! Eligible projects must be implemented in the selected critical areas, according to the TTK Watershed Management Plan. The Turman Creek watershed has been deemed ‘critical’; projects in this area may be eligible for cost-share funding through 2019. Additional funding may be available for stakeholders in non-critical areas through a Clean Water Indiana grant. Please set up an appointment to find out if you qualify.

TTK Cost-Share Program Guidelines:

TTK Cost Share Program Guidelines

2016-2018 TTK Cost Share brochure 

Practices offered will include: cover crops, no-till and precision ag upgrades, livestock/grazing management and livestock exclusion, Heavy Use Area Protection, wetland enhancement, WASCOBs, Diversions, tree plantings, and more!

Variable rate cost-share applications must be completed for Structural practices, No-Till Planter upgrades, and Precision Ag. Applications will be reviewed by the Watershed Coordinator to determine funding percentage. Applications below:

TTK Cost-Share Application for No-Till Planter upgrade

TTK Cost-Share Application for Precision Agriculture upgrade

TTK Cost-Share Application for Structural Practices

Please contact the Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation District or the WCIWA Watershed Coordinator for more information (812) 268-5157 ext.3