TTK 319 Grant

The “TTK’ Grant refers to the Turtle Creek, Turman Creek, and Kelley Bayou watersheds of western Sullivan County and an extreme southern portion of Vigo County. Since 2013, IDEM 319 grant funding has been available for water quality improvements in these areas. The first 319 Planning and Implementation grant (August 2013-January 2017), amounted to $263,700. This funding was dedicated to forming an Advisory Committee, completing a comprehensive Watershed Management Plan, prioritizing critical areas based on stakeholder input and water monitoring data, and finally, utilizing $133,000 towards the implementation of best management practices (i.e. conservation practices) on private land.

Starting in April 2016, a second round of 319 funding was awarded for the TTK watershed area. This 319 Implementation grant totaling $336,660 includes  $200,000 allocated solely for cost-share projects within critical areas. This funding will be available until April 2019 (unless it is utilized completely before that time).

The Turman Creek watershed is the designated critical area for cost-share (purple area in photo below).

Landowners wishing to sign up for practices such as cover crops, precision ag and no-till planter upgrades, tree plantings, buffer establishment, livestock watering systems with exclusion fence, and grassed waterways (and more!) can inquire with the WCIWA at the Sullivan SWCD office to determine eligibility.